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Note: TinkerTool also has a setting that allows to suppress the security question on a per-user basis.

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Kernel extensions list loaded kernel extensions with the kextstat command line utility. Once upon a time I was using the following software packages, but I stopped using them either because they are no longer maintained, or for some other reason.

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Answer: A: Answer: A: Nope, none at all! Apps create these preference and configuration files on their own whenever they don't already exist such as the first time they're run with the defaults in them, usually the first time you quit them after config files aren't present which is how they got there in the first place. View answer in context.

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Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Yup, it's entirely safe to delete those files unless you plan on using either one again.

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From what you've said, all these files are just config and preference files and can be safely deleted if you don't need them. Or sign in with one of these services. By ashd , July 22, in OSx86 Several day ago i noticed that occasionally, my mouse would start moving around oddly and right clicking, even if my hand wasnt in contact with the mouse, i thought this was either my mouse playing up the first few times, and after several days the movement seemed to be more 'human' than 'mouse-messing-up', so i attributed it to someone possibly vnc-ing to me, so i passworded my vnc server.

It seemed to stop after this for a while, however a few hours later it happened again, so i started to get a bit worried, and shutdown the vnc server.

Btw, my stupid USB optical mouse moves without my permission too. Second stay in system prefrences and open sharing, make sure that all services are turned off unchecked for the moment.

Now either turn on your Network Card and follow next step's, or if you have a second PC or Laptop use this one Also a very good program to install on hackintosh is Liitle Snitch, this is a very good software based firewall I would not connect my PC or Powerbook to net without this software. Its shareware cheap but there's is plenty of codes out there serialz.

I am fairly knowledgable when it comes to this sort of thing, i'm not the kind to go downloading kb versions of windows from limewire etc, I've run copies of windows XP SP2 ofcourse and with no antivirus software for months without incident; i can't spot any processes in activity monitor that look abnormal.

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The link to the exe that keeps on being sent i only ran from my desktop, knowing it wouldnt really be able to do alot in wine, and i was right, it didn't even manage to execute. So it doesnt really solve why on earth this random, albeit broken, link keeps getting sent, i have not done anything to my knowledge that would run malicious code minus that exe, which i ran AFTER the strange occurances , the only thing i can think of that has even a slight possibility of being malicious is iSerial reader, which has been on here for months with no apparent problem.

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  7. I suppose using the root account for everything hasn't been one of my brightest ideas, however i am fairly confident with running as root having not experienced any problems before this. I know there are one or two proof of concept viruses out there for os x but i havn't heard of any that behave like this.