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I've searched a long time on the Internet for finding a solution to easily and quickly merge srt subtitles with Mp4 movies and many of these solutions took a very long time to execute, reduced the quality of the movies, or the subs were not synced with the movie.

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As the owner of this website, I often get the chance to try out software for free, but I only recommend programs that are good and reliable. I tried WinX Video Converter and found out that it's a good and user-friendly video converter that can easily convert your videos to all kinds of video formats and devices.

WinX HD Video Converter isn't free but offers great value for your money — especially if you are going to merge srt subtitles with MP4 movies more often.

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With this Video Converter, it only took me about 20 minutes to merge srt or sub and idx subtitles with full movies in MP4 video format. If you're planning to merge a lot of movies with subs, then 46 dollars maybe cheaper are well spent on software that can save you a lot of time, effort, and headaches. You can find more information about WinX HD Video Converter here this link will open in a new window and will bring you to their official website.

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If you don't want to spend any money and have all the time in the world, then you can also use a FREE video converter like HandBrake or FFmpeg which will take much longer. If you want to know how to hardcode srt subtitles into MP4 videos with HandBrake, then click here to jump straight to this method.

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Go to the location on your computer where the. HQ stands for High Quality.

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This will take more time, but gives you better quality. If you want to make it faster, then leave it in the middle between LQ and HQ. The time it takes depends on the file size of your video file, the output quality settings you choose, your computer's hardware, and the video converter software. HandBrake can also make videos that are smaller—taking up less storage space on your device—than the originals.

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HandBrake also does not defeat or circumvent copy protection of any kind. This includes but is not limited to, copy protected content from iTunes, Amazon Video, Netflix, or other online providers, and many commercial DVD and Blu-ray discs. Do not use HandBrake or any other application to copy materials you do not own or have the right to copy. I hope this works for everyone! Jul 16, 0 AnitaPeterson Diamond Member Feb 18, Apr 24, 5, 6 MKVToolnix would do the job Fallen Kell Diamond Member Feb 18, Oct 9, 5, 16 I hope the OP figured this out over the course of the last 3 years.

Apr 13, 1 0 0. Import your. Then make a new project, drag your files to the timeline back-to-back and then export the movie. One of my friends show me a simple guide on how to join MP4 files into one without losing quality and re-encoding here After tried, i find it really great, it can join MP4 files into one file without reencoding with fast speed.

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Paulin99 Junior Member Sep 28, Sep 21, 1 0 1. Withou any technical requirement, you just need to open the program, select your files and choose to merge directly. OMG multi generational necro. Kartajan Golden Member Sep 28, Feb 26, 1, 0 You must log in or register to reply here. Audio Components 7 Jul 7, M Advice on setup for recording multiple audio sources into video Audio Components 0 May 29, U Discussion Multiple stereo output to one stereo input Audio Components 1 Jan 9, Q Plugging multiple sets of speakers into a laptops 3.

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