Thermal printer driver mac os

Caution: this operation should only be performed by a technician or network expert!

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Good to know : you can enter a device name rather than an IP name in the chronopost. This is useful if your network assigns dynamic IP addresses to connected devices. Once again, get help from your company's technician or network engineer. A security warning should appear.

Installing a Zebra Label Printer on a Mac OS X

Click on "Run". You will then be able to fill in the page, and start printing.

The label should be printed by the thermal printer. When printing via network, the message "Printing complete" appears but no label has been printed. When printing via network, the message "Sorry, we encountered a problem while printing" is displayed. You can find the printer's IP address in the printer menu procedure detailed in the installation guide of the previous chapter. When printing via network, when I confirm, no message is displayed on the screen and no label is generated. Solution : close the browser completely all tabs , reopen it, return to the "One-Click" shipping screen and authorize the application to be run.

For a network installation, how can I change my printer communication port? Go to Java's official website and click on "Free Java Download". Do you need help with this installation? Use the Java Help page. Note : You can also access plug-in settings by entering "about:plugins" in the browser address field.

We suggest using Google Chrome, Safari or a recent version of Firefox to use the "One-Click" application for thermal printing. Thermal printing only works with the "one-click" shipping procedure at the www. You must use one of the following browsers. We recommend that you do not use Internet Explorer 8 as it has known compatibility issues.

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You must also have an enabled, up to date version of Java. Do not use the network cable provided with the printer: it will not function for this purpose. You must install the printer drivers, which may be downloaded here or in the chronopost. This system is compatible with all thermal printers that use ZPL. It will not work with laser printers!

The label should be printed by the thermal printer connected via USB. I want to install the USB drivers for my thermal printer.

Mac OS X Printer Driver

Warning: before installing the printer drivers, connect it to your computer then switch it on. Wait for it to finish starting up. Wait until Windows detects new hardware to begin the installation procedure. Download the drivers from the Intermec website then run the file. Make sure you download the correct driver for your version of Windows. Accept the license terms, then click "Next". Double-click the DriverWizard. This action will launch the driver installation process for your thermal printer.

This screen allows you to choose the model of printer that you want to install the printer drivers for. The model of your thermal printer is written on the cover it must be a PC43d. When printing via USB, my printer stops and displays "Printing 1 of 1". In the short term, the only way to solve this is to turn the printer off and then on again. Check the message displayed on the main screen of the printer.

If it says "ZSim 6. The latest firmware displays " ZSim If you do not have the latest firmware, please contact the Chronopost services center for them to send you a new printer. This means that the chronopost. You can check this in your print queue via the usual method. If printing does not start, it means that windows cannot reach the printer. Check that the USB cable is connected, and that the printer is activated check that the printers' administration panel shows " Ready " status.

This can occur with the latest versions of Java.

To work around this problem, do NOT check the "Always allow this applet to access the printer" when the applet warning popup is displayed. This can occur when Java is not installed, or not enabled in your browser. Skip to main content. Run cups You will need to enter the administrator password for the computer. Run usbtb After it is mounted, double-click usbtb.

If you are asked about searching for USBTB devices, you can cancel or skip that part of the install process. Continue the rest of the process with the default settings. Run starcupsdrv Reboot your computer. When the computer is done loading, turn on your receipt printer. In the list of printers, click TSP with connection usbtb. Select the TSP with the Location set to Directly attached via usb and clear it for the menu column. This printer is automatically added by OSX but will not work.

This prevents you from accidentally selecting the incorrect printer.

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Click Start , right click My Computer and select Properties. In System Properties , click Device Manager. Power on the TSP receipt printer. On the Update Driver Software page, click Browse my computer for driver software. Browse to where you downloaded the driver folder and choose the 32 bit or 64 bit folder , depending on the version of Windows 7 you have, and click Next.

The printer is now installed and you can configure your printer for use with LightSpeed Retail. In Devices and printers , right click the Star printer and select Printing Preferences. At the bottom of the Printing Preferences , click Advanced. Set the paper size to 72 x Receipt and press OK twice to return to the printer properties window. Newer versions of the drivers may have more installable options on the Device Settings tab. It can take up to 10 minutes to download. Extract the file and run the installer for your 32 or bit OS.

Click Next through all the install prompts. When the install is complete, plug your printer in. Turn it on and see if the computer recognizes it. Right click the Star printer and select Printing Preferences. Click Advanced , set the paper size to 72 x Receipt and click OK to return to the printer properties window. Right click the Star printer and select Printer Properties. Click Preferences , set the paper size to 72 x Receipt and click OK to return to the printer properties window.

Plug the power cord into the printer and wall. Hold the feed button and power the printer on while continuing to hold the button until two pages print. Keep the one that says Current IP Parameters near the bottom. Get the driver either from online or the installation CD.