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Placebo Every You Every Me This one goes back to my teenage year when I was a loyal Roskilde Festival attendant, loved playing electric guitar and practicing Skateboarding. I had a lot of friends who were in the Skateboarding scene and one of the Skateboard movies at that point had this Placebo song in it, which made me love this band — I actually went to see them live in concert once — a great memory.

I had one, back when I was 13 and wanted to start having after School vocal lessons. I got this teacher called Lily and she introduced me to singing Jazz. And ever since I just remembered this particular song. I often catch myself humming it and thinking back on those days.

Gymnasium like UK Sixth Form was three great years - hard work and lots of fun! She did her own version, and maybe that was what made it memorable for me. Amazing lyrics, great compositions and just overall memorable. In a way it is a shame that it is not translated to English as well, so that more children could enjoy it. Lloyd Southside feat. Ashanti A classic timeless Love song for me. This track is TOO damn smooth. This one brings me back to my carefree High School days.

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Kanye West Drive Slow feat. Lead vocals performed by drummer, Kris Ahrens "All I This, Us 2. GLOgli 3. ReEmergence 4. Satori 5. Rilly Wut? One A Day 2. Move My Peeps 3. Baraka Disc 3 1. BluMood 3. MoonSocket Encore: 4. Kaya 5. Set 1: 1.

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Murph 2. Breathe In 3. Be Nice 4. One A Day 5. From Now On 6.

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The Rabble 7. Instantly 8. Peoples Set 2: 1. Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature 2.

Mischief of a Sleepwalker 3. Lo Swaga 4. Move My Peeps 6. Rent 7. Open E 8.

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Be nice Moonsocket Rent Open E GLOgli One a Day Lo Swaga Bathing Digits Miss Tinkle's Overture Division Wizard Burial Ground Set 2 All in Time Set I: Disc 1 1. Sociable Jimmy 3. Hangover Set II: Disc 2 1.

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  4. Slacker Disc 3 1. Robot World 4. Shine on You Crazy Diamond 6. Blues favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite reviews Topic: Live concert Source: Soundboard. Disc 1 1. Got Your Milk Right Here 5.

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    Syncopated Strangers Disc 2 1. Der Bluten Kat 7. Pay the Snucka Disc 3 1. Disc 1 Set One : 1.

    Sociable Jimmy 5. Atmosfarag 6. Black Water 7. Glory 9. Dump City Disc 3 Set Two cont: 1.

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