Como usar boot camp en mac

What license types are supported when run Origin on Mac? Skip Navigation Links. All rights reserved. Support FAQs. Register Origin. Service Releases. Video Tutorials. Graph Gallery. Step Upon returning to the desktop, click the search box to the right of the Start Menu, and search for Windows Update.

Running Origin on a Mac

Click Check for Updates to load system settings and click the Check for updates button to start downloading and installing the necessary Windows software updates. Congratulations, Windows 10 is now installed on your Mac mini! Not only is the selection of games on Windows more plentiful, but many times, games outright perform better on Windows. There is, of course, other rationale for using Windows 10 on the Mac mini, but gaming is probably the number one reason for most people.

Officially unveiled in September , Windows 10 is the latest of Microsoft's desktop operating systems based off the Windows NT lineage. Jeff produces videos, walkthroughs, how-tos, written tutorials and reviews. He takes pride in being able to explain things in a simple, clear and concise manner.

December 5, Change the letters for your system accordingly.

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Here E: - Drive letter for empty hard drive? Here G:. You will need access to a working Windows 10 installation. See other answers to install a virtual machine. D is the letter of the windows installation drive, W is the external drive's NTFS partition, Use the index number you found above to choose the right version of Windows. For me, 8 was for Pro and 3 was for Home. Plug the drive into your Mac and restart holding down the Option key and you should see EFI Boot as an alternative, this is your Windows 10 installation.

This is basically Alex Lambert's answer from above with a a few updates.

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  • And the install. Get details about what images are inside the ESD file with the following command. We'll need to take note of the index No.

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    Take note of the index of the particular OS version you'd like to install in case the esd has many images inside it the number is what is inserted in the SourceIndex. I am choosing index 1 Windows 10 Professional. I really appreciate everyone posting as it got me very close and was able to figure out the couple other steps to get this working and wanted to post them here to help the next person trying this process. It is very simple.

    Put the ISO of Windows 10 or 8. I've done this about 30 times already, and never had a problem. Using miniTools is the hardest part and that is simple once you figure it out. Once you mount this in Parallels and run miniTools simply make the first partition the small one you will see Fat32 and make it primary and Active. That's it. I bought Windows 10 from Amazon Home Edition and every one of these I make is automatically authorized as licensed by Microsoft without any problem. The caveat is only to the same Mac in my case a new Mac Pro. Note: To get a better view of the images shown below, either click on an image or open an image in a new window.

    I usually use the diskutil command to do this. Other combinations of commands or third party tools can also be employed. If you want to use the entire drive, then the entire drive can be considered free space, so the command below would be sufficient. You will need the use the cp command from a Terminal application window. Below is the exact command I usually use. If necessary, make the appropriate modifications.

    Next, you need to boot from the volume where the Windows installation files reside. Hold down the option key immediately after restarting on your Mac. Release the option when the Startup Manager window appears. Select the icon labeled "EFI boot". Next, select the arrow below the "EFI boot" label.

    How to install Windows 10 on Mac

    Open a Windows Command Prompt window, by following the procedure outlined in this step. Below is an image of what is initially displayed by the Windows 10 installer. Select "Next". Use the command diskpart to finish partitioning disk1.

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    • The commands you need to enter are given below. Note: Sometimes it can take a while for the diskpart command to produce the first prompt. Be patient. In this example, I will assume this number is 0. Your number could be different. The next command selects this volume. From the output of the command list partition , determine the number of the parition with the type "System".

      In this example, I will assume this number is 1. Also, determine the number of the parition with the type "Recovery". In this example, I will assume this number is 3. Again, your number could be different. The commands below change the drive letter for the "System" partition to S:.

      The next commands effect the "Recovery" partition. The proper attributes are set. Finally, the commands below create the partition for the Windows operating system. This partition is allocated all remaining contiguous free space. Copy the Windows files to the Windows partition. First, enter the commands given below to determine name of the file containing the Windows files. I will assume the displayed file name is install.