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You can patiently wait for the comeback of YouTube if you're not in a hurry. If you are a mobile user, please click here. Q 1: It seems that the newest Firefox browser is unable to download YouTube videos. All the Firefox plug-ins I used to download YouTube videos don't work now.

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How to fix this? Q 2: Every time I try to download a YouTube video in Firefox with add-on, I am redirected to a blank white page and no download initiates. Actually, due to Firefox and YouTube update frequently, it often causes Firefox YouTube downloader add-ons not working properly at times and can't download YouTube videos with Firefox browser successfully.

Besides, some Firefox add-ons may be just incompatible with newest version of Firefox or have the potential of conflicts with other extensions. Or even, sometimes you may meet the Firefox YouTube downloader extensions are discontinued. To solve the YouTube downloader add-ons for Firefox not working problem, you can try reinstalling the Firefox addon.

Update your YouTube downloader Firefox extensions.

Ant Video Downloader Mac

Refresh the browser by pressing F5. Or remove the cookies of your computer. If you find yourself in need of a more powerful downloader to download online video to your computer, there is an option that you can take into consideration. So what this Ant Video Downloader alternative can do? AllMyTube is able to download any video you want on your computer.

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Download, install and launch Ant Video Downloader Alternative on computer. Now open the Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser and search the video you want to download. Copy the link of the online video.

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Generally, this plug-in will be installed automatically. If you cannot find the browser plug-in emerge on the video window, you can click on "Settings" icon and select "Download". Go to "Video Downloading Plug-in" and select "Repair".

Ant Video Downloader alternatives

After that, you can use the browser plug-in to download online video directly. The secret tracking was discovered by Simon Newton who first wrote about it on May 10th. He found that every time he went to a web page, either on the public Internet or on a private Intranet, his Firefox browser was contacting a computer named rpc. He writes. At the ANT website they say "The source code is systematically reviewed by an independant Mozilla contributor before it is given to the public. It is the same process for every add-on.

Part of Defensive Computing is knowing who to trust.

Best Mac solutions alternative to Ant Video Downloader

My first question was, who or what is Ant? On their website, they go out of their way not to say who they are.

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  • The Best Alternative to Ant Video Downloader for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • Shortly thereafter, Mozilla removed the extension. Now, it is available again, but it's rated as experimental. After this got publicized, Ant issued a rebuttal. The larger lesson here is that just because a Firefox add-on has been subjected to Mozilla's official vetting process there is no guarantee it doesn't do things that many users consider to be invasions of their privacy. With at least 5, add-ons hosted on its site, it wouldn't be shocking to find out that Ant Video isn't the only extension that comes with a few nasty surprises.

    Mozilla's vetting is supposed to insure that Firefox extensions are "clearly and accurately described" and that all privacy and security concerns are clearly spelled out. Clearly, the vetting isn't perfect, but what is? Although I haven't developed a Chrome extension, I suspect that the situation is analogous with Google's browser, that is, that a Chrome extension can also spy on you. Ditto ActiveX controls inside Internet Explorer. Obviously the best defense against rogue browser extensions is to run a browser with no extensions.

    How To Download Videos Using Ant Video Downloader by Nilesh Kaluwala

    But who wants to do this all the time? You may want a secure browser sometimes , but most people would not want to use it all the time. Many of us are, after all, addicted to our favorite extensions.