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Scala shell scripts hang indefinitely on MacOS According to WebMD, I may be pregnant.

See all windows shortcut on a Mac

Keyboard option to unhide You can also [Apple][Tab] and scroll through your open apps. That's a great suggestion, That's a great suggestion, thank you. Just like clicking on the dock. Lost window I have an adobe help window off screen, it appears with F9 but disappears when I click it.

Any suggestions would be welcome. My usual attempts are: Hide the app, then try to re-display it. Minimize the app, then re-display it. So I was having the same So I was having the same problem and after trying a few things, this seemed to work.

How to see all open windows on Mac at once

Option-Alt-Tab restores hidden windows While selecting a hidden instance using Alt-Tab restore the focus to the application ie the menu bar changes to the application hidden windows aren't restored. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. Your name. About text formats. Also Command-Tab keyboard shortcut and Option-Tab keyboard shortcut can have their own set of settings.

Windows are now grouped by Space and ordered alphabetically by app name on Sidebar, Gesture Switcher and Number Switcher. The Sidebar can also be set to show windows from all Spaces, only from visible Spaces or if you are using multiple displays only those which are on the display a Sidebar is on. The existing grouping behaviour is still available in case you use Number Switching or just prefer it.

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Besides the major enhancements mentioned above, the following improvements and refinements have also been made in this release:. If you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us at hello contexts. We love to hear what you think! The next version is here with a new two-finger top-edge gesture, the ability to exclude specific apps from being tracked, re-organized preferences and a lot more.

One of the aspects that we have been thinking about is that the sidebar can sometimes overlap window content that one may want to see or interact with. In this release we are introducing a feature to help prevent this: when a window opens or is moved or resized Contexts will check if it is overlapped by the sidebar and if it is, will reduce its width a little so that it no longer is. This means you will no longer have to hide the sidebar or manually resizes windows!

In case you really want a particular window in a certain place and are okay with it being overlapped, resize it again within the next minute and Contexts will not adjust its width again. Try it out and send us your feedback! Contexts 2.

Mac OS X: Sane way to switch between windows | Hacker News

If it looks a bit different, give it some time and it will start to feel a lot more integrated with the OS. We hope you will love it! You can utilize the modifier keys to switch between windows, or type in few characters to search the windows. Contexts is another powerful application switcher for Mac. The app gives you four different ways to switch application windows.

The main panel has a built-in search to switch windows faster, and a sidebar panel to switch windows with a click.

Top 10 Cool Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Series 1

Like Witch, you must allow this app to use accessibility features. The app will then immediately open its main panel and a sidebar. Contexts offers you a quick way to switch windows through built-in search. Type in few characters from the window title or app name to filter the list, then press Return to switch to the highlighted window.

The search field supports non-consecutive characters, acronyms, and even a hotkey to switch windows faster. Read More.

Bring the cursor to the side of the screen to activate the sidebar panel. Click on the window title to switch to that window. By default, Contexts groups windows by Spaces.

When you do this, apps and windows will distribute across groups. You can re-order or move apps between groups and reserve spots for apps from the right-click menu.

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You can limit the sidebar option to show windows from currently visible Spaces. By default, the position of the sidebar is towards the right side of the screen. If you work with another display, then you can change the panel position to the left side of the screen.

2. Minimize a background window

And if the sidebar is distracting you, it allows you to hide the sidebar panel temporarily until you move the cursor to the edge of the display to make it appear again. The default application switcher does not work with multiple windows, but Contexts offer better support.