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Store Keep all your passwords and personal info in one convenient place. Secure Protect sensitive information with patented security architecture and real-time alerts. Access Securely autofill forms and logins with your stored passwords and personal info, anywhere you go. Download Dashlane. You can easily see how many users and domains you have in all your servers and manage them. Give your customers the ability to create their own users, groups and aliases anytime and from anywhere.

The mobile friendly design let you manage your servers on the go. KPanel, by Freelands is a web and mobile application developed to manage Kerio Connect, Control and Operator from a single dashboard.

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With KPanel you can easily monitor and tweak Kerio products with a friendly interface. You also have the option to receive alerts on your mobile devices. Whether you resell hosting or lease colocation space — you need to bill your customers. HostBill platform's core components are designed to help you acquire customer, automate your services and ensure that invoices are paid on time. The Kerio Connect Module includes flexible billing and account management automation features.

Kerio Antivirus is powered by Bitdefender and replaces the curent Sophos antivirus.

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Users can now install Kerio Connect Client to their desktops. Apart from having all the features of the browser-based client, users can also enjoy the benefits of a native OS application, such as emoji, dictation and text to speech. Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac. Administrators can manage all Kerio Connect deployments through the MyKerio service. Admins can remotely access the administration of multiple Kerio products Kerio Connect, Kerio Control, and Kerio Operator easily in one place.

You can easily set up your Spark email app on iOS devices using the integrated Kerio Connect profile. Integrating your account with Spark by Readdle. You don't have to wait for periodic synchronization of your account anymore.

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Kerio Connect now synchronizes your emails and contacts in real time. For more details, read Kerio Connect technical specifications. When upgrading from Kerio Connect 9.

When you upgrade your server to Kerio Connect 9. If their applications are not updated, they must update them manually.

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Otherwise, they will lack some functionality, for example, chat and presence status. Client enables an encrypted connection from individual systems clients to a remote private network via the Internet. The connection enables these clients to access the private network as if they were physically connected. If you have administration rights to your computer, you can establish a persistent connection. Persistent connections are reestablished whenever you restart your machine.

Kerio Control 9.