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From here just proceed with the normal installation process. Two important exceptions though. When presented with the options for partitioning, click on "Something Else. You also install grub to the MBR, even though it doesn't actually exist.

Install rEFInd

To boot into Ubuntu, hold down Option when you turn the computer on and select "Windows," even though you installed Linux. The Mac will remember the last operating system that was booted and will autoboot that upon restart. So to switch back to Mac OSX, you will have to do the above processes again.

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  4. First: Prepare Your USB Drive.

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I am very familiar with Linux but I have never installed it on a Mac, and I know that one of my friends had trouble with that I think the partitioning phase was the problem. I'd like to get some feedback from the people on that mailing list. How easy is it to install Ubuntu on a Mac?

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  • Thank goodness for good backups Everything I'm doing has the potential to trash all of the data on your computer, requiring a clean installation of macOS and subsequent data recovery from backups. If you're interested in triple booting your MacBook Pro, and Windows is going to be one of the Operating Systems you're going to boot, then take my word for it, this is the only way you want to accomplish this feat.

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    To be fair, a lot of my instructions and the guide I initially followed, can be found here. However, several of the steps in that guide I didn't have to use at all, so I'm documenting my process here. Apple provides a supported method of installing Windows as a dual-boot option for Macintosh owners. There are several advantages to using Apple's process:. Apple's official documentation for Boot Camp is found here. Follow Apple's instructions for installing Windows, but make sure you create the Windows partition approximately 64GB larger than what you want to end up with for Windows, that space will end up being given to Linux.

    Note: Apple only supports Windows 8. There is no way to install an earlier version of Windows using Boot Camp on newer hardware. See this table to check your hardware and what versions of Windows are supported on it. Now that you have an Apple-supported dual-boot system running macOS and Windows 10 presumably , it's time to perform the Linux installation.

    Install Ubuntu

    Have you ever wanted to try out a different operating system on your Mac? The problem is that you need to use up precious system resources to run these things on your Mac. Even virtual machines take up disk space, as does running Boot Camp and partitioning your main Hard drive.

    What if you just want to test something out on your Mac before fully committing? Using a flash drive and some Terminal commands, you can check out a distribution like Ubuntu running right on your Mac without having to sacrifice a thing.

    Mac install ubuntu boot camp

    The first thing you need to do is to find a spare flash drive of at least 2 Gb. I used a 4 Gb one, and you can probably use as large a drive as you want. Plug the flash drive into your Mac and then launch Disk Utility. Once in there, click on the flash drive in the pane to the left, and then click on the Erase button at the top. If not, be sure to see how the distro you choose will work on a flash drive. You can totally try the cutting-edge version Use it at your own very minor risk.