Set root password mac single user

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Thank you. This does not work for me. Chason, Not for me either. I bought a used MacPro and the previous owner left everything on it and would not give me the passed but did later. I still have his name on everything.

Reset OS X Account With the Terminal In Single-User Mode

I thought changing the Admin Pass would fix that but no, the same probs u have. Thank you so much! The daemon encountered an error processing request. I have had the same problem. Specifically, this scenario: disk is encrypted by Admin; Standard user with restart privileges restarts in SU mode, unencrypting the disk. Presumably, they must be in the Recovery partition, otherwise how could FV2 check the passwords on a normal startup?

Can anyone confirm any of this? Has anyone managed to reset either a user or admin password in SU mode on a Lion install with FV2 enabled?

How to reset Admin password on Mac without disc

This is definitely the case. Once FileVault is switched on, you cannot change your password without entering the old one. How can I change the admin password using the SU mode? Very little hacking actually happens at the machine.

So, what is the default root password for Ubuntu Linux?

If someone gets a physical hold over your machine, and they know how to reset passwords like this, they own your computer now. Most hackers will take over a computer remotely, as you can do it from anywhere in the world which means that foreign spies no longer have to infiltrate a society to get secrets , and that is what a password protects against. What would be really scary is if you could back up the original password file, change the password, rape and pillage the machine, and then restore the original password file. How can you restore the original password file?

Its just a linux BSD rehashed many times. The theory is that if you have direct console access to a host standing in front of the machine then why shouldnt you be able to reset the root password. Its only our friends in microsoft that want to sell you cars with the hood welded shut! I mean, come on.

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Can we stop with Windows v. Mac now? At least we got net neutrality apparently… for now… , I had my doubts at times. I followed the instructions but I was given to opportunity to enter a new password, nor was any error returned. Or would it even tell me if it failed or something…? So they can be as restrictive as they want on the software, the logic is that you can still use the machine. No more restrictive software!

Or, you could partition your Mac and erase the partition securely, then put a new operating system on it. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. August 24, at pm.

Recover your admin password from FileVault

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Using Terminal At macOS Setup Assistant

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How to change the admin password on a Mac - Macworld UK

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