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Image Credit: sakiryildirim. Did you ever want to give your photo a haunting look? The setting of your shot only does so much to affect how people perceive the image. For added creepiness, you have the Nightmare filter. Download this Photoshop filter to make any photo look like it came from a horror movie.

Image Credit: Shutter Pulse. HDR Tools is a set of four "actions" that transforms dull backgrounds to reveal intense, eye-catching details. You can turn natural grey tones into beautiful backgrounds that create a contrast against the foreground you didn't have before. The duller the image, the heavier the HDR filter you should apply. Image Credit: Forfie. As its name suggests, the Dream Blur action adds a filter to your image that creates a subtle, dream-like atmosphere. Specifically, the action produces a dark, blurry vignette at the edges of your image while also upping the saturation levels.

Image Credit: JoshJanusch. Unlike the Old Photo action from earlier on this list, the Vintage action does more than just visually transport your image back in time -- it also adds a distinctive neon effect perfect for giving your next project a groovy feel. Image Credit: beckasweird. The Lithprint action imitates the vintage look produced by the black-and-white lith printing process.

But compared to the other vintage filters on this list, Lithprint is much more drastic. In addition to adjusting contrast, highlights, and shadows in your image, it adds a gritty texture. Image Credit: rawimage. If you're struggling to produce particular effects in Photoshop e. VirtualPhotographer's primary claim to fame?

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It allows you to add complicated effects to images with a single click. Image Credit: optikVerve Labs. Like the virtualPhotographer plugin, ON1 Effects is a free Photoshop plugin that makes it easier for you to add complex effects to your images. What sets ON1 Effects apart is that it boasts a library of filters -- including vignette, adjustable contrast, and HDR look -- that you can stack on top of each other, allowing you to easily build layers of different effects.

Image Credit: ON1. Snapheal is one of the best ways to remove unwanted flaws and blemishes from your photos. Cleaning up a person's headshot or the background of a scenic shot? This photoshop plugin helps you polish your work in three steps: Upload your photo, remove unwanted objects, and enhance the final product.

Image Credit: Snapheal. This tool is a detail-oriented person's best friend. Ink is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to see additional information on a design you're creating -- this includes text size, font name, color codes, and the size of your image in pixels. It also gives you grid lines to help you center and level your artwork.

Image Credit: Chrometaphore. Wish you could sort through thousands of free icons and add them to your projects without having to leave the comfort of Photoshop? Then Flaticon by Freepik is definitely worth a look. The free plugin's icons are available in. PSD, and.

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PNG formats. Image Credit: Flaticon. Photoshop's color palate has been known to irritate users -- especially those who need a more customizable dashboard to capture the color they need when editing and designing. RH Hover Color Picker is the solution. This photoshop plugin by Rico Holmes hence "RH" acts as a convenient flywheel that you can simply "hover" over your image as you perfect your illustration.

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It even gives you the RGB code of the color you've selected so you can easily find it later. Image Credit: Rico Holmes. You might know Pexels as a free stock photography gallery. What you might not know is that you can integrate this free content right into Photoshop.

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The Pexels plugin has more than 30, free images to choose from, and syncs your Liked photos with Photoshop so you can call up your favorite stock photos for quick editing. Image Credit: Pexels.

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Focus is "portrait mode" on steroids. A smartphone camera can use portrait mode to blur the background of closeup imagery, but it often can't handle wide, complex shots where you need to highlight specific parts of the photo. For that, you have Focus. This plugin, now available in the form of Focus 2, allows you to blur backgrounds, set the blur's intensity, and sharpen the edges of the object you're focusing on to make it truly pop out of the picture.

Image Credit: Skylum. Just select the number of rows and panels you want, as well as the alignment style, and Tych Panel will format everything for you automatically. Sharpness Editor: Sharpen photos Equalizer: Full control over the amount of equalization Film Grain: Add film grain to your digital photos Radial density Corrector: Correct radial exposure and radial brightness independently.

Color Corrector: For color correction and removing colorcast. White-balance Corrector: calibrates white balance Saturation Editor: Now you can edit saturation without splitting the image up into primary colors - red, green, blue.

Noise Corrector: Noise reduction Anti-aliasing: Filter edge roughness and jagged edges Edgeline drawing: Convert to line drawings Posterizer: Posterizing photos Transparency Editor: Transparent backgrounds and masks can easily be made for graphic design Brightness Editor: The Brightness Editor plug-in lets you edit brightness with full color-preservation. Originally posted ages ago.

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  4. Here's the previous thread I mentioned earlier: www. Thanks for the tips. You could spend so long reading this little lot - you'd never get any work done!!

    But before you do that, please search for "tone mapping" to see if your question has already been answered. Here, I'll help: www. Thanks for that link Tennessee Gator : As I understand it, HDR requires three separate exposures; I'm wanting to get a similar effect using only one picture. I'll check out your suggestion and see what I can find out about this. TwistedBrush Digital Painting and Photo Editing Whether you choose TwistedBrush Pro Studio or the free TwistedBrush Open Studio edition you'll be using one of the most versatile and powerful brush engines in existence packaged into an easy to use program.

    TwistedBrush has more than 5, brushes available, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns, textures, integrated scanner support, image brushes, drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more. TwistedBrush runs on all versions of the Windows operating system and is designed for all realms of digital art including natural media fine art, photo retouching, photo composition, photo cloning to turn your photos into the look of hand painted artwork, mandala art, patterns, manga, even 3D like painting with the incredible blob modeling tools.