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If so, perform:. Starting with However, we have to distinct between the user and the kernel space. As VirtualBox is using its own kernel extensions, it has to be build and run in a version which match the kernel variant. You can check the current kernel mode by executing uname -m.

Mac Tips and Tricks: Beyond the User Manual (OS X Lion)

Please also note that VirtualBox can execute 64bit guest operation systems, even when itself is 32bit. If it finds everything it needs, it will create a file called! Also, it will create an environment setup script called env. This step only has to be done once if something changes in your build tool setup, you might have to repeat it but keep in mind that both output files will be overwritten.

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For additional options like providing a path to the OpenSSL library see. Never disable hardening see previous section when creating packages for redistribution. Hardening needs some additional configuration and post-build steps.

It may also make sense to disable some of the development only stuff, like test cases. Add the following to LocalConfig. Starting with VirtualBox 4.

Install instructions for Mendeley Desktop on Mac OS X | Mendeley

You can prevent that by adding the following to LocalConfig. There isn't any support for installing VirtualBox into a target directory. Just copy the files to the destination. Now make sure that the setuid stubs have the correct permissions:. However, the basic version of each series also is provided below for your convenience:.

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Versions of the operating system earlier than the one that shipped with a particular Mac are not compatible. How do you install software on the MacBook Air without an optical drive? The MacBook Air does not have an internal optical drive, and as such, to install software or transfer files from a CD or DVD one has to either purchase an external optical drive or use the "Remote Disk" function.

Essentially, you can install the "Remote Disk" software on a nearby Mac or Windows box, and then "borrow" its optical drive to install software or transfer software via CD or DVD.

Installation guide for OpenVPN Connect Client on macOS

Of course, for Mac OS X It also is worth noting that this can be used to re-install the operating system and use Apple Hardware Test for troubleshooting for MacBook Air models prior to the "Late " line, but some copy-protected CDs, DVDs, and games cannot be installed using this method. Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. In Australia, site sponsor Macfixit has a number of external optical drive options, too.

How do you restore the operating system on the "Late " and subsequent MacBook Air models?

Prerequisites on Mac OS X

For the "Mid" and subsequent MacBook Air models, Apple went a step further and does not include a physical restoration method at all. Instead, the operating system has a hidden "restore" partition containing a "Mac OS X Utilities" application that is only accessible upon startup by holding down Command-R.

For more information on restoring one of these MacBook Air models, please refer the User Guide pages , specifically.

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Those interested in an optical drive always can buy an external one. Also see: Why did Apple remove the floppy from the iMac G3? Why not include a Zip disk?