Move lightroom library from pc to mac

Before you can install or move Lightroom, you need to install the Creative Cloud application on your new computer and authenticate it.

How To Move Images From One Lightroom Catalogue To Another

Once you've installed the Creative Cloud app, then initiate or trigger Lightroom installation in the Creative Cloud app. You can only activate Lightroom on two computers, so if you already have it on two, you have to disconnect one of them not the one you're currently working on, of course through the Creative Cloud web portal. The easiest way to back up and move your entire library is to have all your photos in one folder.

  • Step 2: Open the Folder Containing the Catalog;
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  • Step 1: Figure Out Where Your Lightroom Catalog Lives on Your PC;
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If, instead, they're stored across various directories or drives, managing the library can be pretty challenging. We recommend you organize your library from within Lightroom, and create a one-directory structure before you begin any transfer. Once you've done this, then you can use an external drive to copy your library to another computer.

Your Lightroom Catalog is where the application stores all of the information about your photos.

How to move your lightroom catalog

First, you'll need to find it, which isn't always easy to do, but on Lightroom, there's a shortcut to help:. You'll have to copy the catalog file to the other computer, preferably on your fastest drive. All of your needed settings, configuration files and presets are in your Lightroom Settings directory, and it can be located either in the Lightroom installation folder or the catalog directory. It contains everything related to your Lightroom Catalog including all of the presets, keyword sets, etc.

That means it's very critical that you import all of that configuration information!

It's a key part of the transfer process. You must be sure to copy the entire Lightroom Settings folder to the other computer and place it in a new catalog folder or a new Lightroom installation directory. Once you've completed all of the previous steps, you can launch your newly imported Lightroom Catalog on the other computer.

Step 2: Open the Folder Containing the Catalog

Keep in mind that Lightroom won't be able to find your photos now because they are in a new location given that you likely have a new file structure as well. When you see a question mark in the Lightroom Library module, it means Lightroom can't find it. You need to add a link to the missing folders. Luckily, you won't have to go one by one.

How to Move Lightroom to a New Computer

Right-click in the parent folder at the top and point to where you placed the photo library in its new location. Lightroom then maps the direction for all of them. An additional step we'd recommend is to take advantage of Lightroom's built-in ability to backup catalog files in case the master catalog is corrupt. This is one of Lightroom's most critical builtin functionalities given how much-accumulated information resides inside catalog files.

Sharing Lightroom Catalog with Multiple Computers

Two scenarios will be discussed. First, it is not possible to access the same Lightroom LR database simultaneously from two or more computers. The LR database does not support multiuser access. But you can access the catalog successively.

LR blocks the simultaneous access of a database. So it is not possible to do this even by mistake and that avoids a database corruption.

How To Transfer a Lightroom Catalog and Photo Library to a New Computer

The LR catalog has to be stored locally to access it with LR. The Cloudstation is a network service of Synology. It is similar to Dropbox, Wuala, Google- or Skydrive but the data is stored on your own server and not on a server of a service provider. Cloudstation is a home cloud service. The recommended file system is FAT32 external drives are shipped with this system generally because both operating system can read and write it.

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On your next tour you do the same again on your MacBook. The connection with the missing folder works even on the go.