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How to Find All IP Addresses on a Network

But the easier solution as others have said is to download 3rd party tools to get them. Anything that's routed over a different portion of the LAN is not really going to work because that data traverses over layer 3. You could get MAC addresses for specific devices on the same part of the segment with the "arp -a" command, but again, those would have to be on the same portion of the LAN and you would have to establish connectivity prior to that.

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So I guess the answer is - depends on how your network is set up. Mar 7, 5. Messages: 51 Joined: Dec 8, Mar 7, 6. Messages: 1, Joined: Dec 17, You can use arp -a for machines on your segment. If you want to get MACs for devices outside of your subnet, you could do nbtstat -a [ip add]. Mar 7, 7. Mar 7, 8. Messages: 2, Joined: Jul 16, Mar 7, 9.

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Windows command line networking: arp, getmac

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Little Green Man Sep 08, See all 3 answers. Popular Topics in General Networking. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Local subnet or remote subnet? For Cisco switches: show mac-address-table show mac-address-table dynamic.

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Nmap, output in greppable format, grep for MAC address. Yes, it's kind of the long way around I tried Angryip scanner but it doesn't display mac addresses unless I've missed something.

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