How to add youtube video to powerpoint 2010 mac

It has photos and text. I have managed to set a time of 25 seconds between slides so that the text can be read. Was wondering if one could only navigate the slides manually by a mouse click as some readers would read fast and some slow and so a mouse click might be more suitable. Sorry about your dog. Just recorded the first video ever.

I was so happy when I uploaded that on YouTube. The Video is so blurry. Like larry, I am having the same issue. I have about 6 different songs that play through my 10 minute PowerPoint. My Power Point works great but when I tried to convert it to video some of my songs over lap and I will have two songs playing at once. Is there any way to fix this I have tried everything I feel like including Google sesrchrd and no one seems to have an answer for this problem. Very disappointing given I have slides and 30 songs I timed. This is in PowerPoint Thanks, Jill. Any ideas?

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My professor just informed me that I have to take my ppt speak about it inside the ppt and then convert it and get it onto youtube. I have nver done anything like this before, any suggestions? I am not a technologist and done even know where to begin. Save the mp3 audio files in the same folder with the MP4 video. To get the high def, I set up the slide show in PowerPoint under the Design tab on the ribbon, click on slide size and select Widescreen In Windows Movie Maker, on Home tab, go the far right and click on Save movie, click on create custom setting, in the Name field, enter something like YouTube Renderer, in video settings, set to pixels wide, high, kbps Bit rate, For your audio setting, if you have music in your video, select kbps, 48 kHz, stereo.

Now click save. After uploading the MP4, importing music, and adjusting your transitions, click the File tab, click Save Movie not YouTube unless you want average performance , and select YouTube Renderer created above. Windows Movie Maker will tell you that your file size will be really big at However, this is the best quality I can get for YouTube. I have got rates on YouTube, and there are no artifacts or audio hesitation like I have had in the past when inserting the audio in PowerPoint.

Embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2013

I have a powerpoint presentation completed and saved. How do I get that onto Youtube. I have a MacBook Pro laptop. Please help! Once you have the video file, just upload it to your YouTube account. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Share Share 7. Shares If you want the 3 mocked up slides I used for demos throughout this blog post, you can click here to download the slides.

Big thanks to Petr for designing the blank computer monitor image and licensing it to the public domain. Before you get started, here are 3 considerations to take into account before you get started.

Insert a video from YouTube or another site

Note: You are limited to what you can do with online videos in PowerPoint, compared to videos you embed from your computer. To learn all about these differences, read our guide here. There are various techniques for the different versions of PowerPoint and add-ins you can install to make this process and your life easier.

If you want to take advantage of all the PowerPoint video editing features, you will need to find a way to download your YouTube video and embed it in PowerPoint. That's because you can only use all of the PowerPoint video editing features on videos you embed directly from your computer. To learn how to embed a video in PowerPoint and all the video editing options available to you, read our guide here. Although the new YouTube option in PowerPoint simplifies the embedding process To format the appearance of the YouTube video in PowerPoint or to grab a playlist, you still need to use the old embed code method the second method.

I've covered both methods in the tutorials below. You'll notice I used an image of a computer screen to frame the video and create a cool effect The dialog box searches YouTube and displays the video results.

In this case the video we want is on the far left so I will select it and hit Insert. With the YouTube video inserted onto our slide notice we never had to leave PowerPoint , you then want to resize and position the video. Note: If you are using an image like I am, you want to extend the YouTube video until its controls cover up the bottom of the picture…which will make it look more realistic.

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With the video setup, double-click the embedded YouTube video to load the video and see what it looks like. Although this new YouTube embedding method is EXTREMELY fast and easy, notice that you are not given any options to remove the YouTube controls on the bottom or the top of the video and there was no option to include the entire YouTube playlist assuming there is one associated with that video. For more control over these additional features, you need to know how to embed a YouTube video using the embed code method, which is SUPER straightforward and easy…continue reading on to see how.

If you want these 3 mocked up slides with the videos already embedded, click here to download them. This technique not only works for embedding a YouTube playlist into your presentation, but will also work for embedding other online videos into your presentation.

YouTube Video Considerations

Select the video through the playlist to open the video in YouTube as you normally would. Notice in the picture below, to the right of the video, you can see the entire playlist. Scrolling down below the video, you want to select Share, Embed and then Show More to get additional formatting options to work with. When embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint , there are few options you want to pay attention to, primarily:. Option 1: Show Player Controls — This includes the pause, play and other navigational features at the bottom of the YouTube video.

Option 2: Show Video Title and Player Actions — This includes the tile of the video, share buttons on the far right and a playlist dropdown…assuming the video is part of a playlist and you navigated to it through the playlist itself. If you uncheck both of these options, your YouTube video will play in your PowerPoint presentation as pictured below you can obviously do a hybrid of these controls as well.

Video size — Not terribly important as you can manually resize your video within PowerPoint anyway.

Show suggested videos when the video finishes — This is optional and depends on whether you want people to continue watching other videos once the video finishes. This option is not available if you navigate to the video through the playlist as I described above. Enable privacy — Enhanced mode — This last option is only relevant if you are embedding the YouTube video on a website…choosing this option will not work in PowerPoint.

With the embed code copied, back in PowerPoint , navigate to the Insert tab, open the Insert Video dropdown and select Online Video. If you are using a blank TV or computer monitor image as I am in this example you want to stretch the video down to cover the bottom of the monitor so that the YouTube controls cover the controls on the static image…it will look more realistic this way. With the video stretched out, you can then double-click the video to see how it looks and make any other adjustments that you want. Note: Going this route has given us more control over the look and feel of our YouTube video and we were able to get the playlist feature in the upper left-hand corner.

In this tutorial, I will focus on the third and newest method, which is a HUGE improvement over the previous methods: using the dedicated YouTube embed code option. For the tutorial, I used an image of a computer screen to frame the video and create a cool effect…just another tip for making your videos come to life! Navigate to YouTube and find the video that you want to insert into your presentation.

If you uncheck both of these options, your YouTube video will play in your PowerPoint presentation as displayed here:. Note: If you have the option to show the player controls at the bottom of your video, you will want to stretch the video out to cover the image you are using in this case a blank computer screen so that the YouTube video controls show on top of the controls on your image. To see how the video lines up within your frame which can be tough when you have a black box on top of a black frame , simply double click the video in the Normal View, and the YouTube video will load.

Which one is best depends on how many YouTube videos you need to add to your PowerPoint presentations and how often you plan to do so. If you are sharing your files with people using other versions of PowerPoint, you also need to be aware of the compatibility issues. YouTube videos inserted in more recent versions of PowerPoint and will not necessarily play when opened in PowerPoint …they might, it just depends on how they were added. Find the YouTube video that you want to insert. Below the video frame, click Share , and then below that, click Embed. Right-click the From a Video Embed Code box, click Paste to paste the embed code, and click the arrow.

You may need to click the video placeholder to get the preview image to appear the first time. PowerPoint requires the video-playing technology in Internet Explorer to play an online video that's embedded on a slide. Get or update Internet Explorer.