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Setting Up Mail on Mac OS 10.6–10.11 for Exchange

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Apple Gazette. February 26, Read about all of them via Internet Archive ". Retrieved June 21, Apple, Inc. Retrieved December 19, Ars Technica. December 9, How can I move some or all my Hermes mail to a new account? Why have I stopped getting new email on my phone or tablet after I changed my password?

Chances are, your Mac can run macOS Mojave.

Logging in to Hermes webmail — which password shall I use? Outlook synchronisation problem How do I import my Outlook contacts into my Hermes Webmail address book? How do I check my filespace usage on Hermes? How do I apply for an increase to my Hermes quota?

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How can I do a bulk copy or delete of messages in a folder in Hermes Webmail? Hermes Webmail - deleting messages when you are over quota Undeliverable bounced mail Email delivery options Mailing lists Mailing lists Overview Getting started with mailing lists Further information Further information Overview Information for mailing list members Information for mailing list managers Information for mailing list managers - configuration categories Mailing list posting policies Information for mailing list moderators Mailing lists system FAQs Mailing lists system FAQs Overview How can I change the name of a mailing list that I manage?

How can I have only a few authorised senders for my list? How can I do spam filtering on my list? How can I add or remove a single address? How can I permanently remove a mailing list that I manage? Further information for IT staff Further information for IT staff Overview Rules for administering a mail domain Managed mail domains Managed mail domains Overview How to apply for a Managed Mail Domain Managing a domain using the Hermes menu system Managing an alias file by https Shared mailboxes and email lists Email addresses in the cam.

AppRiver Exchange 2010 LITE on Mac Mail using IMAP

Why doesn't my Raven password work with Booker? How do I book a room right now?

Apple Mail (Mac OS X) | Riva CRM Integration

How do I search for a room? How do I make a recurring booking? How do I book multiple rooms for a booking? How do I add guests to a booking? How do I make a room a favourite? How do I cancel my booking? How do I change the order rooms display? How do I request assistance with my booking?

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  7. How do I change my e-mail notifications? How do I run a tutorial? How do I contact a room requestor? When will I receive email notifications? How do I set an alternate e-mail for notifications?

    SSL and TLS Requirements

    How do I edit an entire series of bookings? How do I change the room for a booking? From my limited experience it works really well, I have a customer with more than Mac's running Lync against Office The most common problem that I see with Mac's is with certficates, i. I would urge everyone who is struggling with this to contact support. They are aware that there is an issue, however I spoke with the Lync engineering team yesterday and they have confirmed that Lync should work against Office At this time the support teams are working with engineering to try to understand why some people its not just me!

    Hopefully it will be resolved swiftly…. Lync does not work as you suggest. Check the forums, so far not one person has said it does. We don't have ADFS running, so our users are created straight in Still doesn't work, and we're not alone by the sound of it. Login and email are identical, can log in using Lync just fine. Tried the. I'm betting there is a bug here. Someone said they were watching network traffic and the Lync client would start looking at their internal AD then time out.

    There is no reason it should be doing that on a cloud based service. Again, Microsoft should have thought about a more open beta like is typical rather than releasing something and creating confusion or forcing us to call support.

    BTW: some are saying that is not ready for Lync yet. Again, why would there be a client release if this were the case, and it sure seems to be working for you. Well this isn't the case for anyone but you it would appear as Office and Lync for Mac aren't playing nice with each other! I called support today on this. They are aware that web sites and product documentations state that it does, but it does not. They said they were working on this but could not tell me when something would be released. They indicated it might be a separate client.

    This feels like a bait and switch on customers who were promised this service, not communicated that it would not work, and not being given an ETA on availability. How the author of this blog was able to connect and states he knows others who are is confusing at best.