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Is it possible to upgrade my License pack in future?

  • AOL Instant Messenger Officially Discontinuing This December After Twenty Years Online - MacRumors;
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  • End of the line coming for Apple iChat log-ins to AIM on older Macs.
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Can I request an official invoice? How to create contact list? Which ports needs to be opened on server firewall or IP Filter?

Version 2.98 compatible downloads:

How to setup live chat on my webpage? I have assigned Roles with different Organizational Permission to different user accounts, but seem not getting to work? I get a register failed message when enter my registration code. Is it possible to turn off video or voice chat on client side? Is it possible to disable clients save history message on their local PC?

Before They Spoiled the Software

How can administrator broadcasting announcements from server side? How to print history message? How to display my company logo on BigAnt Office Messenger. Is it possible to get a re-branding version of BigAnt Office Messenger? How to disable users from sending file? How can we configure BigAnt Office Messenger only to see the users in their corresponding groups? How to import user profile from. TXT file? How to add extra tab on BigAnt Office Messenger main window? With a server, it provides some extra features: authorization, offline messages and subnets compatibility.

View demo. Download BigAnt Office Messenger installer from here and save in your computer. Exit all applications for safe install. Recommend to install by Administrator on the computer. Follow all instructions of the Setup Wizard. You need to pay BigAnt Office Messenger 2. The registration code will be delivered to you directly by our Payment Processor Regnow usually within 24 Hours of payment. The administrator will register BigAnt Console.

You can upgrade to any license pack or add extra license from your existing license. Please send an email with your original order number to info bigantsoft.

A Brief History of Instant Messaging

Once you make it in, you'll see your buddy list docked on the lefthand side of the page. It's organized just as you left it. You'll be able to see if anyone on your BL is currently signed in Can you even remember why you had them blocked, or better yet, who they are? Bring on those class reunion icebreakers Sadly, a few key features have not withstood the test of time. Your away messages are gone, as is your lovingly curated profile. Also, OldVersion. If you're looking for a hard-to-find older application, try oldapps.

The Safety Tradeoff Before we start on our list of Golden Oldies, though, keep in mind one big caveat: An undeniably good thing that comes with new versions of software is the fixes you get for security holes, sometimes very serious ones. So if you choose to run old versions of programs, you are taking a calculated risk. Make sure your other defenses are as strong as you can make them, and be extra careful about what you click. Instant Messaging Programs Do you think your instant messaging application is bloated?

Welcome to the club. ICQ America Online seems to have a knack for wrecking good instant messengers. ICQ was at one time the big boy of the instant messaging world. Then AOL bought it.


Ever since, people have been complaining about the software's bloat. If you want to check out what people are complaining about, you can download ICQ 6 , the current version. Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger This Microsoft instant messaging program has gone through so many name changes and incarnations, we defy anyone to name them all.

The latest is Windows Live Messenger , which some people complain is a system hog. Media Players Looking for a simple media player? You'll have to go back in time. Windows Media Player Once upon a time, Windows Media Player was a simple, compact application that just played media files. Nothing more, nothing less.

AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years – TechCrunch

Those days are long gone. Today's Windows Media Player 11 is a major, full-blown application for managing media, with all kinds of bells and whistles. Not everyone, though, likes those bells and whistles. Says one OldVersion.

Now it's some unholy bloated 'Media Center'. MusicMatch Jukebox Now Yahoo Music Jukebox Yahoo Music Jukebox the latest version of what used to be MusicMatch Jukebox manages an unfortunate double-whammy: Critics say it's both bloated and lacking many of the best features of its predecessor.

The problem is that Yahoo Music Jukebox does not have most of the advanced features that MusicMatch has. I'll add a personal note here. I used to be a MusicMatch user as well, but I lost interest in it before it was sold to Yahoo, sometime back around version 9, when Big Bloat set in. Winamp What is it about media players that makes developers want to muck around with them?

Do they get a charge out of saying, "My player is bigger than yours"? For whatever reason, these programs grow bigger, not better, with time. Winamp is another player program that has grown through the years, and not necessarily for the better. Older versions were mean and lean, great at playing media and getting out of the way.

The new version , some users say, gets in the way. That's before they started bulking up the client and adding completely unnecessary things," says one music aficionado at OldVersion. I don't need it to burn CDs for me or download new music or cook my breakfast or massage my feet. But discriminating users complain that Apple took away a really useful feature.

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The current version is QuickTime 7. Grab older versions here. Image and Video Software Sure, this software category usually means big, and bigger, programs. But sometimes you get less, not more.