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Because it was made out of folded sheetmetal, it was very cheap to make, and various semi-auto versions made their way onto the commercial market. Other than being chambered for the 9mm cartridge though there have been Uzis in. The Uzi was one of the great subguns of all time, while the MAC is mostly known for its use by hoodlums, either real or in film.

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Find More Posts by RickB. Well a quick Google search told me that Uzi's were Israeli made guns. The Mac is a much cheaper made gun and have been made by a few different companies. Currently a company called Masterpiece Arms out of Georgia is making what looks to be some decent Mac copies. Find More Posts by twhidd. The Uzi was made to save Israeli lives-it's a custom built close quarters terrorist defeating firearm-the Mac was made to imitate the Uzi and has almost none of the Uzi's far superior design or construction.

To avoid additional legal requirements NFA tax stamps, licenses, etc , semi-auto versions of Uzi's were sold with 16" barrels so they could qualify as rifles 9mm carbines, really , rather than short-barreled rifles SBR. This last referred to standard Uzi's, with stocks.

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  • There was also an Uzi pistol, which did not have a stock, and so the short barrel did not make it an SBR. Full auto versions of the Uzi or MAC variants fall under a whole different set of rules. I've never shot an Uzi, but I rented a MAC at the range this weekend and turned it back in after a dozen shots. As noted earlier, it's all nasty folded sheetmetal and sharp edges. It doesn't even have proper grips - the part your fingers wrap around is a just a squared-off section of metal that holds the magazine.

    It worked alright, but it wasn't comfortable to hold or shoot, and it's as ugly as an inside-out monkey. I've always wanted an Uzi, but the prices have gotten crazy. As stated they are 2 entirely diffrent weapons with litle in common.

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    IMHO any subgun that is semi auto is a waste of money. The UZI was heavy and built like a tank ,the Mac10 was cheap feeling and lighter ,but never failed. If you want a semi high cap a Glock 17 with a 31 round mag is both lighter and more practical than ether the Uzi or Mac in semi auto ,and a lot cheaper. In FA they were both great weapons ,for thier time. The Uzi was either the first, or one of the first submachineguns to incorporate the magazine well in the pistol grip, making the weapon more compact while retaining barrel length.

    It was a very good weapon for its time -- the s.

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    It was chambered in. I don't know if the US military every really used them, but they were very popular in Hollywood. Yeah that's pretty much it.

    MAC-10/MAC-11 - Comparison in 20 Different Games

    Like others have stated the MAC is a cheaper Uzi. Believe me you get what you pay for. They have the ability to mount optics on it right out of the box and because of that it's easier to find one that a user might like without having to go out and get something extra except maybe their optic of choice.

    Attached Images vz The Uzi has a reputation of being more rugged and reliable. Uzi parts are easier to get and surplus mags are cheap and reliable. Rate of fire is lower with an UZI, which is a good thing. Cycling at rpm results in very little recoil and muzzle climb. Accuracy for the Uzi is very good. I don't shoot mine at very long ranges, but I will say that three round bursts at 50 yards are easy. At short ranges it can be effectively fired from the hip.

    The Uzi is still quite popular with a number of militaries and still in production at IWI. As you can see. The UZI is still used in Israeli. From a technical standpoint, it's unnecessarily complicated for a submachine gun and also ridiculously overpriced for what it is.

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    The 16 inch barrels you see are just for government regulation. WerBell did eventually develop a SIONICS unit specifically for the MAC that featured two distinct chambers that would bleed off propellant gasses, reducing noise from firing and eliminating any muzzle flash. It also served as an easy way to hold the gun steady, but quickly became too hot for shooters to hold with their bare hands, leading to the further addition of Nomex cover.

    Army Special Forces and the U. In April , the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana said "Cats and Dogs" — a reference to small numbers of various non-standard guns — were among the rifles and submachine guns still in Navy arsenals in a official briefing describing plans to consolidate that inventory. The same is likely true of arms lockers throughout the special operations community and even among some regular units, especially in the Air Force, where small arms are generally not a priority. The MACs appeared in the arsenals of similar units around the world, too, but never in large numbers.

    The Israelis did use them in lieu of their own Uzi submachine guns during the famous raid to liberate hostages at Entebbe airport in Uganda in Law enforcement officials were dismissive of the MAC By , MAC filed for bankruptcy. The end of the Vietnam War and the U. A succession of companies purchased the rights to build the submachine guns, but there continued to be only limited interest among military and law enforcement groups.

    As already noted, it became increasingly common to find them in the hands of criminals and terrorists and the MAC became in many ways synonymous with crime in the s. Any success on the civilian market was initially cut short by the Firearm Owners Protection Act , which banned the sale of new production machine guns to private citizens, immediately leading to a surge in the price of existing weapons that the law grandfathered in and making them prohibitively expensive. Companies still make semi-automatic derivatives and there are still a number of fully-automatic versions that individuals can legally purchase, all depending on local laws and ordnances.

    But the guns are mainly popular among civilians for competitive shooting and as a sort of cult classic among firearms collectors, given both their history as a special operations weapon and their more recent associations. For the nd, its MAC appears to be equally more for show than anything else at this point. Tallinn Arsenal. Lanchester Mk.

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