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Once installed, Dropzone 3 feels like an integral part of MacOS. The bare-bones app functions as a shortcut tool, meaning you can use it to quickly copy and move files, launch apps, and share content through popular services such as Facebook and Flickr. That, combined with its robust customization and instant search capabilities, makes it worthwhile. The app is made for the multitasker inside all of us, and thus presents a quick way to arrange your desktop.

With Magnet, you can drag and snap windows to the edges and corners of your screen, which will then lock into place. Unclutter is a basic piece of software that suits its name. Recent updates also allow for a light or dark theme although MacOS Catalina now has a native dark mode , and include an option for dragging cards on top of other desktop windows.

If you just need to quickly create entries, GoodTask gets out of your way and lets you do that. You can make smart lists based on specified criteria, add new reminders using text snippets that GoodTask intuitively understands, and everything from the calendar view to almost every function can be tweaked to your liking. Evernote is the undisputed king of note-taking apps , and for good reason. Journals are an age-old tradition — just ask Benjamin Franklin.

Aside from text, the app also incorporates photos, reminders, and tags, the latter of which help tremendously with staying organized. The best part? Password protection keeps potential prying eyes at bay. Things 3 is a brilliant MacOS to-do list and task management app. Thanks to a full redesign, Things is more useful than ever, connecting to your tasks and Calendar in a seamless interface.

You can add descriptions, checklists, upcoming tasks, evening-only tasks, automated reminders, and a lot of other unique task features. If you want to invest in a high-end task management app for Mac, Things is worth the price. Hazel is an organization app with a great twist: You create your own rules for how the app recognizes, sorts, and moves all your files or downloads.

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Mac users have access to a vast selection of excellent photo-editing apps, but even against its many competitors, Pixelmator stands out as one of the best. Affinity Photo from Serif could be just what you need. There are a bunch of great apps you can install on your Mac—no question there. The Lifehacker Pack is an annual snapshot of our favorite, essential applications for each of our favorite platforms. For our always-updating directory of all the best apps, be sure to bookmark our App Directory , where we profile amazing apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS each week—browser extensions, too.

You can do a lot with Spotlight in macOS, but Alfred is still our favorite application launcher for yourMac. This easy-to-use tool can do so much more than pull up apps, files, and and keyword-driven automation.

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That, or consider tricking out Spotlight. Otherwise, Bear is completely free to use and looks great. Within the app, you organize your notes by hashtags rather than unwieldy folders. You can also link notes to one another, which makes it a lot easier to chain together related thoughts instead of having to dump everything into one giant Super Note or remember that you had a few things to say, split into different notes, about a particular topic.

Also, Bear makes it easy to import notes from other services, including Apple Notes, so you really have no reason to not give it a spin. Who would have thought that text expansion, otherwise known as typing shortcuts, would be so expensive? As for aText, using it is simple. You set it up so that whenever you enter little words or phrases, the app drops in something else. Text expansion, also known as typing shortcuts, can save you hours of typing each day.

Otherwise, the basics are great.

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You can also add to-do items into our note-taking app, Bear. So, which browser is best?

Depending on the benchmarks you look at—here are a bunch from ZDNet , for example—the browsers appear evenly matched for speed. Most people nowadays probably have their favorites locked in: Messages for texting, Facebook Messenger for everything else, WhatsApp for sending government secrets or expiring pictures of your booty, Discord for any and all things gaming, Slack for all things not-gaming, et cetera. FlexiHub is among the most efficient Mac apps for developers who are building software solutions for iOS devices.

The utility helps share iPhones and iPads over the network making them available for access from any remote machine, which means a developer can connect to an iOS device without having it physically attached to their Mac. This is especially convenient for iOS app testing and debugging. FlexiHub works perfectly well across Ethernet, LAN, WiFi, the Internet or any other network and protects each connection with advanced traffic encryption.

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Use the software to accurately measure time spent on specific projects, for you or your team members. The recorded data can be used to gain insights into where your or your teams time is going, as well as create invoices for clients within a few clicks. Hubstaff has many other functions, such as integration with payment processors, to both, get paid and pay your team members for any hourly work done.

This handy terminal emulator will let you manage your workflow efficiently. It is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose.

Best Free MacBook Apps You Should Install

An easy to use Git client for Mac. It integrates easily with lots of other Mac OS developer tools and can be controlled from the command line. Git Tower can become an indispensable macOS developer tool for those who want to access their Planio repositories via an intuitive GUI. The solution provides a host of advanced features such as single line staging, submodule support, and file history. A free Git client for Mac and Windows. This desktop app is designed to simplify how you interact with your Git repositories so you can focus on coding.

What really stands out this Mac developer tool from other apps is a simple Git GUI helping developers visualize and manage hosted and local repositories. The tool lets you create, clone, commit, push, pull, merge, and more with a single click.