Power mac g5 firewire ports not working

But it was ok and worked with other Macs. How can I install the latest firmware again? There might be a button on the logic board near the battery or the RAM chips. Also try a programmer's reset: Then let go of the button. Also reset the nvram: You'll get a white screen with black text.

PowerCore / Konnekt / Impact FireWire troubleshooting under Mac OS X

Then type reset-all The computer will reboot. Also reset your PRAM for good measure: Keep holding till you hear three chimes probably two is enough, but Here's how to reset the SMU: Here's Apple's list of firmware updates: There's only one G5 update posted, and it may not be for your model Mac: I am having exactly the same problems! Firewire port has gone dead Have tried all the fixes - SMU reset, etc Barney Hamilton You didn't say, but I'm bound to ask, did you try what others have suggested worked for them: Is firewire gone on the front connector, as well?

Are you trying to connect to firewire by daisy-chaining thru another item sometimes reported as unsuccessful?

SMU Reset Switch on Apple G5

I had the same problems, and thought I had reset the SMU. Spent two days going round and round.

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  • SOLVED: Firewire Port Not working - Power Mac G5 - iFixit.
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Once I did that, everything that had been going wrong sorted out, including random fan operation during sleep, and hanging blue screen on startup. Start from the Tiger Does the disk utility see the external Firewire HD partitions? If so, the problem is most likely with the system software configuration. There are alternative ways, but it will be more complex. I found this while researching my own Firewire problems on my Jan G5 1.

I noticed that a fresh install of TechTool 5 showed the firewire bus dead.

I tried all the above solutions and got nothing. When nothing else worked, I tried the Of higher importance, if you have an iSight, is the iSight 1. In a large number of cases it has resolved conflicts caused by the camera. Re-apply the most recent Mac OS X combo updater In some cases, re-applying the most recent combo updater can resurrect seemingly defunct FireWire ports and allow devices -- drives included -- to be recognized again.

The most recent combo updater is available from Apple's download page.

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Clear caches Try using a tool like Tiger Cache Cleaner or Cocktail to remove potentially corrupt system caches. Restart, then check if your FireWire devices are recognized. Like what you've found in this tutorial? Get more troubleshooting guidance updated daily by subscribing to MacFixIt Pro. How to watch the Galaxy S10 launch: Samsung is expected to unveil several Galaxy models Feb.

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If I get a PCI firewire card would this solve my problem? Would the firewire run off this card basically eliminating the internal firewire?

Apple’s Tendency to Short Users of Enough USB Ports | Low End Mac

Posted on Aug 7, Page content loaded. Aug 7, 6: Adding an expansion card is a easy way to sidestep a malfunctioning controller chip on the motherboard or to add additional ports of a specific type, to meet your specific needs. Your G5 2. Aug 7, 8: Jeff thanks for the reply! I contacted MacSales. Can you tell me if this is the right card? Thanks again!

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Aug 7, 9: I would have to assume that Mac Sales assumes it works in compatibility mode. Never tried it. Don't know. Aug 7, Aug 8, 9: And there are firewire to firewire adapters if you need more than on firewire port.

Aug 8, If your Firewire or USB isn't recognizing any device. A solution which has worked for some whose hard drive became invisible in I'm going to try what "BDAqua" and "Glen" suggested. I did try that early on but I'm going to give it another shot. Mac sales support suggested this card http: It looks like it is to me, I don't know. Can anyone help me with a Part for a firewire card that would work to bypass the internal firewire or let me know if the one about that "Kaz-k" suggested would work?

Well, for 7. Any card you buy will be an experiment.